October 14, 2010

Writing Workshops in San Antonio

On a mission to find a writing workshop in S.A.?
"Join a writer's group or workshop."
This is a common comment made in many bios of debut novelists. It's always intriguing to read how others got their "big breaks". It's fun to imagine how they reacted to the highs and lows they experienced during their respective processes. Many attribute their successes to a certain practice they developed and follow, such as getting up early every morning to write, reading everything they get their hands on, or staying active in the writing community.

Getting active in the writing community can test the agoraphobic visions of the lone writer hammering away at the keyboard, up all night in "the zone" swearing off the rest of the world. Though when the sun comes up, joining a writer's group or workshop doesn't sound so intimidating. Choosing which one to attend is a big, initial step.

Being rather new to San Antonio, I have yet to look for any groups or workshops around here other than those offered in the neighborhood community center catalog. Those seemed a bit pricey for non-members. Plus, the members were of retirement age. I'm in my mid-thirties. 'Twould be nice to have a couple more folks from the Millennial Generation there.

So I used this thing called Google and came up with a short list of writing groups and workshops holding meetings here in the 210.
  • The San Antonio Writers Guild looks to be the mothership of all things writing in the city. S.A.W.G welcomes writers of all levels and sponsors contests, offers workshops and critiques, and holds meetings every first Thursday of each month at 7PM. Meetings are free and often feature guest speakers. 12-month memberships cost $28 for individuals, $36 for couples, and $15 for full-time students.
  • Gemini Ink is a non-profit organization that aims towards building community through literary arts. It encourages writers and readers of all ages and levels to participate in its programs and events. Open workshop classes can be taken from the Writers in Communities or the University Without Walls programs. Classes and many events take place in the organization's bright turquoise building located in the heart of San Antonio’s Southtown Arts District and King William Historic District.
  • The San Antonio Writers Meetup Group gets together on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at La Taza Coffee House in the Brookhollow shopping center. Participants are encouraged to bring with them an 800-1,200 word short story for a light critique. Informal meetings allow writers to choose their own subjects or they may select from those provided by the group. "We provide the inspiration. You provide the perspiration."
  • For romance writers, there is SARA: The San Antonio Romance Authors group. Meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month. The group also sponsors its own contests and publishes a monthly newsletter.
  • For Texas teachers, Discovery Writing Company will feature Gretchen Bernabei's Voice Lessons for TAKS Writing workshop in San Antonio on October 26, and Barry Lane's Hooked on Meaning workshop on November 15. Both workshops are scheduled to be held at the Norris Conference Center.
When teaching night classes though, committing to workshops is rarely an option. And it is not always feasible to attend on weekends. However, I can sign up for an online workshop. Research is a must there, which I will do for an upcoming post. Workshop suggestions?

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